Individual Coaching Program

The Building Bridges Coaching Package is for individuals who are on the cusp of a transition and ready to embark on the next phase of their journey. Wherever their place, they are open and committed to the boundless exploration and to designing success on their own terms. This program is hard work and requires grit.

Building Bridges Coaching Package
3 or 6 Month Option

Trust Building and Exploratory Coaching Session
(60 minutes)

Coaching Sessions
(60 minutes, twice per month)


Options Starting at $4,500

Building Leaders

Executives who bring us in to coach believe their employees are their success. By coaching the whole person, we align personal and leadership development with organizational success. With our approach, driving to work becomes synonymous with driving to be a better person.

Leadership means different things to different people. Each leader needs to understand their own definition of leadership and their own why for being a leader.

The Building Leaders program is designed for established and emerging leaders who are committed to creating and living their authentic leadership brand. The program focuses on four key areas for development:  presence, communication, leading oneself, and emotional intelligence.

Building Leaders Coaching Package
3 or 6 Month Option

Trust Building and Exploratory Coaching Session
(60 minutes)

 Assessment, Awareness, and Design 

  • Leadership Profile Design and Measurement
    • This profile identifies and measures the skills and abilities required for leadership success in a specific organization. The sponsoring organization and/or leader customizes a profile with support from the coach. To measure development, the data will be gathered when the engagement begins and again before it ends.
  • Self-Assessment Inventory
  • Whole-Self 360 Feedback Interviews
    (6 month only)

Coaching Sessions
(60 minutes, twice per month)

 Alignment Meetings with Leader and Key Stakeholders


Options Starting at $6,800

On-Demand Building Leaders Package

This on-demand coaching service engages and develops a cadre of employees and is especially valuable for high-potential employees.

Participants schedule sessions on an as-needed basis to explore and resolve performance, productivity, and relationship challenges.

As a result of participating, they accomplish more than ever by dramatically improving their communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. Participants also further align the company’s vision, mission, and values with their own.

Aggregate information from sessions helps to identify organizational strengths and opportunities for development.

Fees are based on the number of eligible participants and the number of sessions offered.

Growing Builders

Skill Building for Coaches

This program is for emerging coaches who want to build confidence by enhancing their foundational coaching skills and experience. Participants build their coaching brand from within, practice their authentic coaching style, and receive feedback on live or recorded coaching sessions with clients.

Exploration and Design Discussion
(60 minutes)
In this conversation, coaches gain insights about their coaching journey thus far and clarify their aspirations as a coach going forward. Discussions also focus on a self-assessment for each International Coaching Federation (ICF) core competency to identify strengths and areas for development.

 Review of Live or Recorded Coaching Sessions by Coach
(6 sessions, each up to 45 minutes)

 Coaching Feedback Discussions and Report
(6 sessions, each up to 60 minutes)
Feedback is based on the standards established for each ICF core competency and participants brainstorm action steps to strengthen their coaching skills.

Coaching Sessions
(2 per engagement, each up to 60 minutes)
In these sessions, clients receive coaching on specific skills that remain challenging. These sessions are intended to meet the client’s immediate needs and goals.


Options Starting at $4,200

Build IN partners with ​Heidrick & Struggles to offer Leadership Coaching for Organizational Performance, an International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accredited Certificate Training Program (ACTP). This program is offered at Rutgers, American University, and other locations. For more information, please visit: